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A Vore-Torn World - Page 113 - Walk By, Hope for the Best - By PurpSoul - Overview
You lower your gaze and keep your head down as you continue forward, praying she's too blinded by booze to even notice you. It only takes you a few steps to reach her. You glance up for a quick peek at her to check, and you see her squinting at you, as if trying to figure out what you are. Your pulse quickens, as does your pace as you try to hurry by...

You grunt as she seizes you by your throat and pins you forcefully against the wall. For a moment she just frowns at you, studying your face and breathing heavily. She smells terrible, and you squirm and try to wriggle free, but she grips your neck tighter, beginning to choke you.

She leans into your neck and sniffs, taking a few deep whiffs of your scent. "You're.... you're a boy.." she slurs, grinning.

You shake your head. "Er, n-no, no I'm a girl..." you whisper hoarsely, but she shakes her head.

"Uh-uh, I know the smell of a yummy boy..." she says, then shoves her hand in your pants and grips your privates, squeezing hard. "See? Girls don't have this!" she proclaims triumphantly. "You're a boy... I eat boys like you..." She licks your cheek, leaving a slimy trail of saliva and making you shudder. Then she belches right in your face, bathing you in the rancid smell of alcohol and death.

"N-no!" you wheeze, your vision blurring, both from the stench and from the vice around your neck. "Please, let me go!"

She shakes her head, chuckling. She relinquishes her grip on your neck, only to slip both her arms around your torso and hug you tight to her. Her breasts squish against your chest, and she grinds her crotch against yours.

"Hnn, nope! You're mine, boy! I'm gonna eatcha!" she laughs, then moans and bites her lip. "Mmmmight... hafta rape you first, though..." She keeps you pinned to the wall with her body while she slides her hands down to unbuckle your pants and pull them down. Then she tugs her own shorts down. She grunts in frustration as your member is slow to respond. You're still spent from Millie's blowjob, but she manages to get you erect.

"No, don't!" you cry, blushing. "I h-have a girlfriend!" you protest, feeling a bit silly.

She giggles. "You'll be a stinky pile of shit when I get done with you, boy. I wouldn't worry about her." With that, she grips your dick and shoves you deep within her, moaning lewdly, letting her rank breath out in your face. Each thrust of her hips smacks you painfully against the wall. She grunts and moans as she rapes you, holding you firmly in place while you struggle and try to squirm free. She leans up and plants the most disgusting kiss on your lips you've ever received, sloppily slobbering over you and sucking and biting your lips. With one final grunting moan, she grinds hard against you, her dripping sex clenching around you. You are still hard when she pulls off of you, but she pays no mind, pulling up her panties and shorts.

"Please..." you whimper, your heart thumping in fear.

"It's down the hatch with you, my boy... But if you fight and cry a lot, you might just get to hear me masturbate! Mmm, nothing gets me hot like a crying boy..." She opens her mouth then, her tongue lolling out and pressing against your chin. Just as you prepare to be enveloped in a world of stench, she pauses, grunts...

...and lets out the nastiest fart you've ever smelled. She grunts and grabs her pudgy belly suddenly. "Nnngh, just a sec... gotta dump this kid first..." She drags you by the arm a few steps and ducks into the alley you considered hiding in. She shoves you roughly down against the wall, and pulls off her panties. Using one foot to keep you pinned to the wall, she squats down. "Stay still, unless you want to get him on you." she warned then grunted as a few thick logs of poop plopped out, littered with bones. A fragment of a small skull slid out and landed in the mess below. "Stinky fucker, ain't he," she asked as the poor kid's remains farted out it by bit. You retched and turned your face away from the sickening mess. Suddenly, you feel her begin to wobble. She's too drunk to stand upright. You seize the chance and shove her leg away from you, and you try to struggle to your feet.

You are stopped by her shit-caked buttcrack slamming into your face. You splutter as you hit the ground, poop smearing over your face. She growls and gets to her feet, then looks down at you in disgust. "Well there's no way I'm putting that in my mouth..." she mutters, and you are filled with hope for a brief second.

That hope turns to horrified despair as she squats back down over your face, planting her filthy asshole down on your nose. You scream in terrified revulsion as her pucker slides open, letting out a long, hissing fart as your head slips inside. You've never experience such a horrible thing. Feces sticks to your face and mats your hair. It smells, SO bad, and the pulsing walls squeeze horribly tight around you. Farts pop out here and there as you slide deeper. You wail and shriek in horror, and she moans in perverse pleasure. As you disappear into her shithole, she begins rubbing her sex, grunting happily and taking great pleasure in your distress. You can't stop yourself from sobbing as you are sucked ruthless through the shit, towards a horrid death. By the time your feet squelch out of sight, she's finished masturbating, and she slumps against the wall, chest heaving. She slowly rubs her belly as her eyes droop, and she drifts off to a drunken sleep with one final giggle at your struggles.

As she snores peacefully, hell rages inside of her. When you finally escape her intestines, you immediately wish you could go back. Her stomach is already full of searing acids, which eagerly attack your tender skin. You shriek in pain, but your only response is a constant series of gurgles and groans as you are digested bit by bit. You can only writhe in agony and sob in terror as you slowly die inside the trashy woman's gut. The acids bubble around you, and her belly walls squeeze tight. Your torture finally ends when she shifts in her sleep, and puts a little too much weight on your softened form. You let out one final, strangled scream as you are squished into paste, and then you go silent. The only thing that signifies the end of your life is the blast of gas that escaped the sleeping drunk's rear.

When she wakes the next day, her midsection is bulging only slightly. With a groan, she struggles to her feet, squinting and holding her head painfully. She lifts her leg and dumps the remains of whoever the fuck she ate last night, letting it join the pile of your predecessor. Then she staggers away, mumbling and cursing under her breath, leaving you and your partner in grime to rot.

When Millie finally comes to terms with the fact that you are, in fact, dead, she never forgives herself for letting you walk home alone that night, and she never forgets you.

You are dead.
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