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Fallout: Voracious - Page 255 - Try to swallow her ass-first. - By Kimmgãmms - Overview
I saw the opportunity, while she was distracted I opened my jaw wide and stuffed it at her trailing ends, she gave a fright cry so "your evil boy, let me go" I nodded and continued to swallow slowly, head she could feel her previous meal having spasms and hitting her face, I'd already told her knees and part of her back, my mouth was too open and I was choking on Jessica there, she'd come back to "I'd already taken her to her shoulders and her arms and her legs were stretched out in front of me, while I swallowed them and looked up, she could see the ceiling one last time beyond her. hands and feet, I swallowed quickly, and as I leaned into my stomach, I sat down a bit to rest before continuing on without digesting her
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