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Vore High [resurrected story] - Page 979 - Native Americans - By arcbound5 - Overview
"Some fine Native American girls?" you ask, and her response is a quick "of course," and she leans over and picks up the phone and gives a call to the secretary telling them "can you fetch the Chikawacka tribe for me? I want them in my office." She hangs up and turns to you saying, "they are an interesting tribe, and I will have them perform for us then we can eat our fill. You may need to hide, however, I don't think I can convince them its not something of a cultural experience if this room has two powerful preds watching." She leads you over to the bookcase and pulls a book back and you watch as the shelf opens leaving a secret room behind it. "Pull that lever there to close the door and open it back up, and wait in there until they are done performing. You will know when they are done just keep watching, it really is something else," She says with a wink. As you close the door and she gets back to her desk you hear the phone ring and when she answers, you hear her say "oh, so soon? Well don't waste any more time, send them in."

The Native Americans quickly entered, and you would have thought they came fresh out of a documentary, they were wearing grass skirts and animal pelt shirts, all had headbands adorned by varying number of feathers, some with only one and others with up to seven and one actually had nine. The girls themselves were even more different then their feather count, some stood over six foot with massive breasts, H cups or maybe bigger, and rounds, full asses, while another doesn't even stand five foot with barely B cup tits and a small but perky butt, while others had almost every combination in between. Once they all made it in you got a count and realized there were twenty one in total. That is gonna be a lot of people for your belly, but the headmistress will probably want a couple for herself so that is still a good amount, but better stop thinking about that because it looks like they might start soon.

"So I heard you wanted to watch us perform, huh?" said the girl with nine feathers "well you are in luck, because I, Nita Kele, will lead this group in a ritual of strength, just for you." She then turns to face the others and talks in a language you don't understand. As you try to at least piece together something that she said, you notice them all strip off their skirts and you are very shocked by what was underneath. All of them are sport a vagina, which is what you were expecting, AND respectable dick, and some have even more than that as far as dick length is concerned. The tall ones are looking close to a ten inches long and the tallest one is looking to be a little longer than a foot, and wait... the shortest one is packing some serious heat, looks like a foot and a half. Maybe that is what the feathers stand for, seeing as she has seven feathers, which makes you wonder what Nita has under the hood, seeing as she has nine feathers. While still wondering about feathers and dicks, they line up and you notice them start looking at who is around them and when you notice the six foot tall girl look behind her and see the short chick with the python for a dick at her back you notice her give a big gulp, and before you can even question what is going on, Nita turns on a boombox and music starts playing.

With the beat of the music they all spring to action, and fuck the girls butt in front of themselves. The sex train has begun, and you at no point today would you have thought that this would be what you would be doing today. Hips ramming into butts, causing them to wobble from the impact; Breasts bouncing from the force of getting fucked from behind; and moans from dicks going deep into butts, and some girls are clearly maintaining their composure better than others. The tall girl getting plowed by the short girl with the python looks to be barely hanging on; her mouth is wide open, her tongue is hanging out, she is barely moving her hips on her own (most of the effort is from the girl behind her), and her whole body is just looking loose with H cup tits bouncing freely and her hands only just barely hanging onto the womanly hips in front of her. Your observation of her being on her last thrusts were true when her whole body clenches up and gives an extremely loud moan in conjunction with the girl behind her shouting "YES!" and both blow a load into the girl in front of them. The tall girl passes out on top of her fuck partner, her heaving breasts resting heavily on her back; while the girl that knocked out the tall one is still going strong, pumping her fist into the air triumphantly and her hips into the passed out buttocks.

With that the Nita presses a button on the boombox and everyone turned around, the girl previously having sex with the short chick suddenly starts shaking a bit, and Nita walks up and picks up the tall one and sets her down on the desk. After that the fucking continues but in the other direction, which that explains why they don't do a ring and not have someone without a person to plow and someone without a person fucking them. With the sex continuing you wonder who will be the next to have to fall out. Each of them seem to be doing better at keeping their endurance up, even the girl that is now dealing with the python. After about three more minutes of this one of the girls near the end of the line lets out a defeated moan and a final orgasm, and at first the girl in front of her is excited to not have lost, the sudden force of cum filling her causes her to give out as well and let out a final cum shot; this continues down the line for the next four girls until one looks like she is about to blow her last load and manages to hold it in. With that the music stops and the girls turn around, get the ones sent into a sex coma out of there, and start again.

At this time, the short girl with the big dick looks to have gotten extremely arrogant, she has placed her hands on her hips and giving the biggest of thrusts as she can, clearly trying to end this fast. However you notice the girl behind her has a trick up her sleeve and is beginning to move in an odd rotating motion, which has the desired effect on the girl in front of her. who quickly goes from confidently thrusting to looking nervously at her dick quivering with the desire to blow its last load. As if deciding for her the girl behind her goes from her rotating motion to one hard slam while grabbing her butt and squeezing as hard as she can on the small, perky tush. The short girl knows what is about to happen as all of her muscles tighten up, and in a futile attempt to stop it grabs her dick at its base tight. Her load is blown and she is knocked out, but that is not the end of what is about to happen. The girl in front of her while not even close to the end of her limit, the amount of cum is simply too much and also cums instantly. The effect of the short girl blowing out is felt all the way down the line, knocking eight other girls out. The girl that got fucked by the short girl actually manages to not pass out from that, and starts to raise her hands in victory, but at that moment the short girl gives one last spurt and that is just enough to finish her off; making it ten girls to fall here, bringing the total of girls passed out up to seventeen.

Nita turns the boombox off and then turns to the three remaining girls after setting all the other girls down in front of them and says, "congratulations, you have passed this ritual of strength, you may each eat on person who failed in this ritual." The headmistress walks up to her and asks, "what are the requirements to pass the ritual? is it lasting three times?" "no," responds Nita, "It is the last three are the only ones that pass, before you would have one more challenge, but that proved unnecessary so it was cut from the ritual hundreds of years ago." With that, each girl grabs one and proceeds to eatone other girl. the short one, the tall one, and the one that almost survived another round were the choice of meals. And with that, they all sat down and went to sleep, "not too uncommon as a reward for the ritual; the tall one and the short one were both consistent winners, that always makes you a good choice; and the last one almost made it so of course she would be considered strong." As she finishes talking, you feel now is the right time to step out and the moment you do the headmistress strikes, devouring Nita in seconds and walks over to the three winners and starts to gobble them up as well. "You can have the others, this group is mine," You agree with her statement, so you begin to eat all the passed out chicks. They all go down easily, none of them are too busty or have hips and asses too large, and none of them have any sort of full belly so you get what you see. their cum soaked dicks do taste pretty good, and you make sure to wait and slurp them up as much as you can and after getting all of your prey in your stomach you let out a girly burp and look to the headmistress. she laughs at your belch and says, "its cute, like you, now go get some rest as we will have much to do tomorrow." Leaving you to go find a bed, you make your way to your dorm and decide that is the best place to sleep.
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