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Splatville - Page 7 - Join Joule - By Drunkhamster - Overview
Seeing your cock instantly shoot up,Jared smirks and aims his cock at you.Smiling you stick your hand into his dick and grab your dick using the other.You begin your descent into the balls as your tight ass is sucked into the cocktip.Masturbating,you are deposited into the balls and see the furiously fapping form of Joule,seeing you,Joule then said"well guess you chose a short life now mere lets fuck",seeing as you're horny as hell,you begin to suck his dick and soon you are both in a 69 position.Feeling the testicle walls rumbling,Joule takes a break to say"fuck,he's rapping already?!Cmon we gotta cum fast before we're cum!"And began to eagerly suck your dick.Hearing this,you begin thrusting your face into his hard cock.Soon,your dick begin to tense before cum begin flowing Joules mouth,as a result,his dick began pumping gallons of semen into your mouths before you are lose solidity and are now cum.Outside Jared grunts and moans as th white remains of that newbie and Joule is splattered across the wall.The only evidence of your and Joules existence being his cum sodden shorts.
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