M Pred looking for tasty M and F prey!

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M Pred looking for tasty M and F prey!

Postby HereToDevour » Mon Mar 12, 2018 2:11 am

Hey there, thanks for reading my "looking for" thread!

Let me start of by saying I have a lot of experience role-playing, I only just now decided to make myself an account on this site.
I write for fun so expect posts from me that have a lengths of 4 to 17 sentences, I'd prefer if my partners tried to reach this aswell.

Favorites: (Always up for this)
-Macro/Micro (Both tiny prey with regular pred and regular prey with giant pred)
-Soft Vore
-Playing monster-boys/demis/monster-hybrids (Naga, merman, human with animal features like cat-ears)
-Playing human pred

-Dominant prey (For instance: The pred being the prey's pet, The pred having to obey the prey due to a contract or agreement, at least, until the pred has had enough of it or finds a sneaky way to eat the prey anyway)
-Willing prey
-Unwilling prey
-Multiple prey (I'd love to eat a couple of lovers, a group of friends or a bunch of adventurers!)
-Underage prey (Not too young)
-Furry prey
-Multiple preds (Or 1 pred with side-characters to support the plot)
-Playing monster preds (Werewolves, vampires, creatures from monster hunter, you name it!)
-playing feral pred (Have to be in the mood for this)
-Playing furry pred
-Playing dominant pred
-Playing gentle pred

-Rps focused on sex (Vore is my main drive)
-Feral prey

So, if you think we share a bunch of interests then please feel free to PM me so we can work things out and hopefully have a lot of fun!
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