Ravenous Male Pred seeking Tasty Boys to Breed and Devour

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Ravenous Male Pred seeking Tasty Boys to Breed and Devour

Postby comfytummy » Wed Jun 20, 2018 4:59 pm

PM if interested! I only RP on Eka's right now. But maybe I'll share more contact info if we really click. :)

Vore faves:
• Unwilling prey (Scream, kick, and cry all the way down!)
• Swallowing multiple prey at once
• Long, descriptive swallowing scenes
• Downtalking as the pred rubs their full belly
• Forced safe vore
• Belly imprisonment
• Extremely tight, cramped bellies
• Lots of licking and tasting
• Same size to half size
• Squirmy, uppity prey
• Bellyaches due to the above
• Prey struggling until they fall asleep
• Forcefeeding the prey other prey
• Feral, but sentient preds
• Male, masculine herm or genderless preds.
• Monster preds
• Avian preds
• Amphibian/Fish/Reptile preds

If I'm in the right mood:
• Willing Prey
• Implied fatal digestion (never graphic)
• Permanent soul endo (Body is digested, but soul remains trapped in the pred)
• Unwilling Pred
• Cock vore
• Anal vore (clean)
• Full tour (clean)
• Unbirth through digestion (like, I digest you and turn you into an egg or whatever)
• Male-herm unbirth

Smut faves:
• Hypnosis/partial mind control
• Mindbreaking/Corruption
• Tentacles
• Dub-con
• Age gap
• Master/pet
• Forced oral sex
• Forced orgasms
• Coiling/Bondage
• Fucking the prey into exhaustion for easy eatin’
• Taking the prey's virginity
• Heavy cum inflation
• Pred forcibly breeding the prey
• Impregnation/Oviposition
• Tadpole pregnancy
• Egg pregnancy
• Male pregnancy
• 2+ prey having sex inside the pred

Spelling Errors
• Underage
• Feminine preds
• Human preds
• Hard vore
• Graphic Digestion
• Gas, burps, drool, etc.
• Disposal
• Gross Stuff

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