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Looking for Fire Emblem vore

PostPosted: Tue Jan 01, 2019 1:10 pm
by SomeBlueHatKid
Hello there! Glad you decided to take your time to read my post! As the title implies I'm here for some Fire Emblem centered vore (I can do most games that isn't FE 5, or Archanea games, due to the fact I haven't played those two. Everything else is fair game.)
(Slight update: I have completed Fire Emblem Path of Radiance so if you want to do a scenario in that game we can... Even though that game isn't very popular. At all.)

Here are a few things I like and some I dont. They're fairly simple list, anything not on the list is negotionable.

(Update: I am now willing to be a switch: Pretty much we play pred for one another, I don't mind that much.)


Playing prey.
Pregnant preds.
Oral vore
Breast vore
Food stuff.

Maybe so.
Playing Pred

Animal preds.

That's about it. If you wanna start something with me, don't be afraid to PM me! Have a great one!