Male/Cuntboy Switch LF Flexible, Kinky Switches~

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Male/Cuntboy Switch LF Flexible, Kinky Switches~

Postby DireZyre » Mon Oct 29, 2018 10:53 am

I live in California, so my timezone is PST, I have a full time job but it's generally a slow one so I'm available to play most days if I'm in the mood and not too tired

Now that that's taken care of, let's get to the raunchy stuff!~

As you can tell I'm a very kinky individual, so I'll give a quick run down of what I require, my favorites, and what I dislike

Disposal- It can be implied, or belching up bones/clothes, or at least a somewhat logical explanation for why your body doesn't produce waste, and yes, just having a perfect digestive tract is acceptable if you explain why/how.
Kinky/Unique- Doing the same thing over and over again tends to get boring, so anything that's fresh tends to be quite fun for me <3
The very occasional returning the favor- You don't need to pred all the time if you're mostly prey, but if you don't return the favor at least every so often, I don't know if we'll rp that much, I can get pretty burnt out predding so if you never do I may just not be in the mood to pred you for a very long time
Vore- Duh :P

Transformation- Anything from changing your flavor to gender to species to making you a living pair of panties, I love pretty much all forms of TF, and if you're a fan of my character Tye then expect TF to be involved in some way, he's a very TF heavy character
Cooking- It can be anything from putting you in a sundae to straight up deep frying you, I love cooking in pretty much all forms, it doesn't have to be painful, there are ways to turn off the pain essentially, so don't worry about that.
Shemales/Cuntbois- I love to get dominated by shemales and I love to be or dominate cuntbois, if you fit either of these then you gain some points in my book~
Teasing- Dear gods include as much of this as possible, please <3~

Extreme Hyper- I love big dicks and balls, but there is a limit, if its bigger than you or just ridiculously massive, please do not include it, feel free to ask first, it's kinda a case by case basis, and the worst I'll say is no thank you
Focusing on Sex- Not that sex can't be in the rp, but if it becomes the focus, I will lose interest quickly, i prefer to focus on the kinks and throw in some sexual activity, so don't worry about sexual stuff happening, it will, but please don't make it the focus, or have several posts in a row of just sex
Posts like this- Food Time! *I slide down your throat and smile in your belly* (No no no no no, first person may be acceptable if done well enough, but ridiculously short posts, no " around dialogue, these take me out immediately and are frankly unprofessional, I prefer novel style, write it like most books are written, also I like to use second person for my partner, so I'd use He for my character, and you for yours, but this isn't required and I can refrain from doing so if you prefer)
Full Unwilling- I don't love full willing either, though I'm okay with it, but my ideal is somewhere in between, someone who's nervous and worried, but turned on and unable to resist. Anything that involves screaming, crying, terror, that kinda stuff instantly takes me out of it.

If there's anything here unlisted I'm probably fine with it, if its something kinda out there feel free to ask my opinion on it

Main Characters ... t.jpg?dl=0 (SCAT WARNING) This is my player self, basically just me irl stuck in this kinky realm, I tend to prey but can pred like this, though it would need to be with another human, a micro, or just a significantly smaller anthro, like no more than 4 or 5 feet tall. This is my sona, A seductive, kinky lion pred with some soul based and psychic abilities This is my old sona, but still my go to sub character, you could consider him my submissive sona, he generally runs a magic shop and is very talented in Rune Crafting. This is my switch chocolate bunny, very casual guy who likes to have fun and will easily let himself be digested fatally if it means a good time~

More characters in my gallery, organized by what character is in the art

That's about all I can think of for now, please drop me a note or just add me directly on Discord at LeafCaliber#2795, or Telegram @DireZyre if you're interested! Can't wait to hear from all you sick freaks like me!

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