Rosalinas Revenge the Animation - Need Voice Actors

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Rosalinas Revenge the Animation - Need Voice Actors

Postby Nightmare49 » Mon Feb 12, 2018 2:14 pm

Thought i should post this in the forums as well. And hopefully this is put in the right place. ^^;

Why do i need voice actors?
Well. Jackurai is no longer going to do speech bubbles for his flash commissions so I need a some people who is willing to voice act for the characters. And there are a lot of them.

What is it about?
Well its a non-vore, vore and expansion story series that takes place after Rosalina's Revenge The Flash. Now there is not all in all of the series but there will be some vore for sure. I got some plans for vore scenes, breast vore, unbirth and more. But i need to get the story to the point that they appear in. :D

How many can you do?
Three characters, take your pick, each character should keep and be close to their character’s voices, Excluding the Koopas, goombas, and Toads. You can make them sound however you want.

Please make sure you can both record and send your voices. Cause once you pick who you are please know that I would want you to continue to act out their voices for the entire series, excluding the background characters. Consistency would be nice here.

The Characters – full time characters
      Looking for an angelic voice
      A tom boy ideally but open to types
      Kind of a sweet voice
      An annoying Tomboy voice
    Mac (Toad) - [Filled]
      Open to any kind of voice
    Matt (Toad) - [Filled]
      Open to any kind of voice
      Try to sound like her
    Zaina (OC)
      british / English sounds
    Wario - [Filled]
      Sound like his voice, as close as you can make it.
    Waluigi - [Filled]
      As close to his voice as possible or like ProtonJon’s Waluigi’s Voice

Background Characters – part time characters

How you can help
If you want to voice act out one of the characters let me know in the forum or by PM.
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