J.Q.'s Vore Pile (Scat included)

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J.Q.'s Vore Pile (Scat included)

Postby JQVore » Sat Apr 10, 2010 5:38 pm

On account of my old thread being lost to time, and a name change, I'm going to start this new thread for my work. I'll try to keep it a little less clustered than before. There is more than this at my album http://aryion.com/g3/showgallery.php?id=155982

Ok, let's see.

Zelda Vore Stories

1. Ballad of the Vore Fish: Yaoi, Soft Vore, M/M, Descriptiveness http://aryion.com/g3/showitem.php?id=169914

2. A Giant's Meal: Giant, M/F, implied Digestion, Unwilling http://aryion.com/g3/showitem.php?id=156504

3. Twinrova story: F/FFFFF, Soft vore, Digestion http://aryion.com/g3/showitem.php?id=156103

4. Anju X Kafei story: F/M, Soft vore, (technical) kid vore http://aryion.com/g3/showitem.php?id=156050

5. Minda Vore Navi: Imp/Fairy, soft vore, F/F, implied digestion http://aryion.com/g3/showitem.php?id=156009


1. The Vore Couple 1 (Prequel): No vore, sexy shower scene http://aryion.com/g3/showitem.php?id=156287

2. The Vore Couple 2: F/M, Soft Vore, consensual http://aryion.com/g3/showitem.php?id=156460

3. The Vore Couple 3: F/M, slightly graphic digestion, soft vore http://aryion.com/g3/showitem.php?id=156741

4. The Child: F/M, F/Mouse, implied digestion, nagas http://aryion.com/g3/showitem.php?id=157555

5. The Nagas Cool New Hat: Consensual, F/M http://aryion.com/g3/showitem.php?id=158921

6. Guitar Girl: F/M, Digestion, Fatal, Scat http://aryion.com/g3/showitem.php?id=166082

7. Guitar Girl 2: Soft Vore, F/F, Fatal, Scat http://aryion.com/g3/showitem.php?id=169714

8. Guitar Girl 3: F/M, Digestion, Fatal, Scat http://aryion.com/g3/showitem.php?id=177136

9. What a Bitch: F/M, Scat scat and more scat http://aryion.com/g3/showitem.php?id=185644
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